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Laugh a little, it’s good for the soul.

Laugh a little, it’s good for the soul.

Button Down – Value Village

Jeans – AGOLDE

Now, as a person who normally shops second hand or thrifted – I must say my peace about these wonderful jeans I was gifted. Over christmas, a wonderful boss gave me a gift card to shop at this wonderful store in Toronto – Good Neighbour.

I am not one to purchase expensive items for myself, but when gifted this I thought that I should purchase one item, which helped to reflect my personal style but which also came from a company that had values in which I admired. I will not go into too much detail about AGOLDE, however you can check out their website HERE for more information.

ME to WE – Rafiki Bracelet

ME to WE – Rafiki Bracelet

Recently, with a new promotion at work on the horizon I was gifted a beautiful bracelet by one of my co-workers. I’d like to first point out that said co-worker is an amazing individual, with a beautiful mind and hard working attitude. She is a humanitarian and is apart of many social justice movements. We share a lot of the same life values and I very much value her friendship.

This is Rafiki, Swahili word meaning ‘Friend’.

These bracelets are created by woman artisans in Kenya. Each bracelet helps to fund access to clean water, health care, food, and education. These bracelets are available in a wide range of colours and styles and they can be worn in so many different ways.

To find out more about ME to WE or the Rafiki Bracelets – check out ME to WE HERE.

Slow down, Take a Minute.

Slow down, Take a Minute.

The thing about sustainable and second hand fashions is that when a unique piece jumps out from the racks – it’s like you’ve struck gold.

Today – take a minute, relax, laugh a little, and recharge your soul.


Outfit Details:

Headband- Talize Thrift

Poncho – Value Village

Black Turtleneck – Value Village

African Turquoise

African Turquoise

All the jewelry that I wear tells a story.

Helps me to land right back in a time and place in my life that has fond memories. I generally don’t like to wear jewelry unless it was gifted to me or purchased second hand in another country. Jewelry is not about diamonds or a piece that is aesthetically pleasing – but about it’s journey and who took the time to purchase it for you.

I was given this African Turquoise bracelet by a woman in my life who carries a back bone I very much admire. Down to earth, no-nonsense person who takes life by storm while creating absolute greatness. She is kind, appreciates a good flat white and I feel, like me – appreciates the small things.


A teal, speckled form of jasper. The jasper also contains crystal quartz which gives the stone an opaque appearance. African Turquoise is a harder stone, which makes it great for everyday jewelry as it can withstand regular wear and tear.


It is a stone that brings structure, balance, and prosperity where it is due. African turquoise is a stone that hands over a key to new life with its offerings. This is a stone that awakens the soul to its intended purpose, encourage the being to make positive impression while gaining and giving positive wisdom.