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Six Ways to Self Care

Six Ways to Self Care

Put on a Face Mask

When it comes to anyone’s pamper routine, who doesn’t love a good facial? So, why not try an at-home face mask to add to a beautiful self-care routine. Face masks have been around for decades and decades and can aid a wide variety of skin care concerns. Whether you want to feel refreshed, moisturized, toned, or free from dirt and oils – the sky is the limit.

However, be on the look out for the ingredients that make up your favourite face masks. We live in a world where most ingredients in beauty products are hard to pronounce and frankly are unrecognizable. Look for products with natural and limited ingredients, items that are easily distinguished and trusted eco-friendly brands on the market.

Create a Cozy Space

In a world of constant chaos, there is nothing better than having a cozy space where you can feel at home, safe, and self-aware of your inner peace. Whether that space be at home, at a yoga studio, or simply under your favourite tree in your backyard – you do you, boo. A simple tip is to keep items in your spaces that make you feel at home. Use your favourite colour palette to create a space that is uniquely you.


Meditation is an approach to training the mind, similar to working out and training the body. However, the mind can wonder and life can get away from us sometimes. Meditation is an amazing tool to bring you back to your thoughts. We’ve trained our brains to move at a mile and minute pace and sometimes forget how important it is, to focus on stillness or to bring our brain back to an “empty-thought”. Meditation can help you achieve dramatic results in your mental and physical state of mind. There are a variety of applications to download or you can check out a variety of classes in your city. Here are a few places in Toronto to help you get started.


When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with your brain to trigger a positive feeling in the body. If you are having an off or sluggish day – working out can put you back on track. Try going for a walk, completing your favourite at home workout or attend a yoga class.

Unplug and Reset

Living in a world where social media rules all, scrolling through your Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest profile has become a way to fill time while trying to complete daily life tasks. It has become the norm to scroll through your Instagram feed while sitting on the bus or keep up with the latest gossip on your favourite Facebook pages. A digital detox is a great item to add to your self care routine. Isolating yourself from a fake reality and entering becoming present in every day tasks which have become maybe an annoyance. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet a new person at the bus stop, learn about a new restaurant while you walk down the street, or learn a new card game while your stuck at your grandmothers on a Sunday afternoon.

Grab your Favourite Snack

Food has forever been a staple when creating a nostalgic environment for any situation. Everyone has that food item that makes them feel safe or comforted. If you’re feeling a little low, try eating your favourite snack. A good tip is to be present when eating the foods you love. Put down your phone, store away the remote, and eat with purpose. Enjoy every single bite, you deserve it!



On Sunday March 10th, myself and a group of my favourite ladies went to experience Hoame, in Toronto.

If you’re from Toronto and have never heard of Hoame – Hoame is the city’s one-stop destination for enhanced mind and body services. Hoame provides an aray of services such as a series of meditation classes within dark and light theme rooms. They also offer a salt cave, and an infrared sauna experience.

Upon arriving, we we’re greeted by Hoame’s lovely staff members. Almost immediately, you can feel their zen personalities, which immediately helps to zone you into the experience. After getting a quick tour of the space, putting our bags and shoes away in their lovely locker room – we we’re brought into the salt cave for a pre meditation experience.

Salt, specifically Himalayan pink crystal salt dates back centuries in treating several health conditions and aliments within the body. Cultures as old as ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome have used salt caves. This room is filled with over six tons of Himalayan pink crystal and can aid in reducing stress and anxiety, Cleanse the skin and respiratory system, as well as Strengthen Immune Function. Hoame also provides you with noise cancelling headsets to leave the city behind.

HOWEVER, when you put our family in the room – there is no shortage of quiet, ever to be found. This room was a nice way for all of us to catch up, rekindle friendships, and just relax.

After the salt cave and an amazing Charcoal Lemonade, that Hoame serves on tap – we we’re booked in for a 30 minute guided meditation. We had the option of rooms. Hoame has both a dark room for meditation and a beautiful light room. We opted for the dark room and away we went.

The meditation was absolutely wonderful. If you aren’t into meditation or you are a beginner to your practice, I would highly recommend checking out one of these classes. Personally, I find it easier to get into a habit or routine by attending classes with like-minded individuals who can push you towards the goals you are trying to achieve. Whether that be to help you focus more on a day to day or just to have some mental clarity. At the end of the class, the instructor provided some hot lemongrass towels and a little wellness shot to spike your blood sugar. This was an amazing touch to end a beautiful practice.

After the practice, our group hung out in their amazing lounge area and relaxed with some complimentary beverages. Hoame offers a range of free beverages, which included: Charcoal lemonade, flat and sparkling water, and a loose leaf tea that is to die for.

I want to thank everyone at Hoame for being incredibly amazing while we we’re there on a journey of reconnection and even a little bit of self discovery for some. It’s always nice to reconnect with family and friends especially when it seems like life is catching up and you just can’t connect. This experience turned from just a simple birthday gift for my mom into so much more and I’d like to thank the Hoame staff, for providing an experience that we will never forget.


Seeing Beauty in Activated Charcoal

Seeing Beauty in Activated Charcoal


Activated Charcoal is a fine, odorless black powder often used to treat toxins in the body. Our bodies are unable to absorb charcoal, as toxins attach to charcoal – toxins will move through the digestive track and out of the body. Charcoal is not just amazing for relieving hangovers, it can also work as a beauty product in a multitude of different ways.


Activated charcoal is a great way to remove impurities from the skin and help to absorb toxins which sit on the top layers. When applied to the skin, charcoal can assist in releasing and removing black heads, solve problems in terms of oiliness and it can also help brighten and even your complexion. A little bit of activated charcoal goes along way and it is an amazing all-natural remedy to keep your skin looking squeaky clean.


1/2 TSP Honey

1 TSP Activated Charcoal

1/2 TSP Water

Mix in small bowl and use a reusable brush to apply.

You can expect the masks to help unclog pores and absorb environmental pollutants, oil, and dirt from the skin. Charcoal is especially good for people with acne and blackheads as it can help reduce excess oil.


Activated charcoal has been launched on the market in recent years to claim that it can help to whiten and brighten teeth. This has not been proved by dental associations – however observations suggest that using activated charcoal on your teeth is effective in absorbing plaque and other compounds that stain teeth. Meaning, the chemical properties of activated charcoal is a natural teeth whitener.


While sitting in your bathroom with your face mask, why not create a Charcoal lemonade to keep you hydrated while you zen? Charcoal lemonade is easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious.

1 litre water

2 lemons, juiced

1 tsp activated black charcoal

2 tbsp maple syrup

Although this drink has claimed to be a ‘detox’ for the body – the word ‘detox’ is always controversial. The body naturally detoxes itself, as long as you are keeping your body at its optimal levels. However, I do love this lemonade for after a night out, with a bit to much alcohol or to help improve digestion.

Choosing Alternatives: Reusable Straws

Choosing Alternatives: Reusable Straws

When first starting to get into a zero waste, “reusable” lifestyle – there is quite a few little things you can change which can alter single use plastic significantly.

If you’re no stranger to the internet, then you’ll know that single use plastic straws have been under fire for the past couple of years. Plastic straws ending up in our oceans and killing off our sea life. There has been a variety of viral videos floating around in relation to this topic and if you haven’t seen this, then please click here.

There are plenty of other options out there on the market if you do use straws on an every day basis.

Stainless Steel Straws

Stainless Steel Straws can be purchased in any home goods store or online. These straws generally range between $10-15 dollars depending on the brand, and usually come in a pack of 2-4 straws. These are on the pricer side, however – it eliminates ALL waste as they are 100% reusable. These are my favourite type of straw and I keep one in each of my bags. The downside to stainless steel is that they aren’t see through, which doesn’t make for an ideal cleaning solution.

Glass Straws

Glass straws are also an option on the market, if you are looking for an eco-friendly product and have aversions to stainless steel. Glass straws run in the same price point as a stainless steel straw and are very durable. These straws are also completely clear – which means you are able to see if there is any mildew or build up inside the straw.

Bamboo Straws

Direct from Nature, Bamboo drinking straws are the eco-alternative to plastic straws. Bamboo is said to have significantly less carbon footprint from manufacturing practices than plastic, glass or metal straws, from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing the finished product. However, Bamboo straws can be ‘spongey’ depending on where purchased and can house a lot of mildew. These need to be washed and dried very well.

Reusable Cups: Starting Sustainable Habits

Reusable Cups: Starting Sustainable Habits

Single use plastics are widely used across the world with every consumer alike. Whether it be coffee from your favourite shop or a thirst quenching bottle of water from your local convenient store – single use plastic cups and bottles pop up everywhere.

It’s said that Canadians use approximately 2.5 Billion Litres of bottled water per year and 14 Billion single use coffee cups every year.

8.3 Billion Metric Tonnes of plastic has been generated since the 1950s, most of which being in the last 10 years and only 23% of waste thus far has been recycled.



There are plenty of things we can change in our daily lives to ensure we cut down on our single cup/single use plastic consumption. Here are a few things we can do.


Similar to meal prepping on a Sunday – it’s important to always be prepared and think well in advance about your week ahead. Ensure that you’ve packed your reusable coffee mug or your reusable water container in advance of leaving the house. This will ensure hydration on the go and that your caffeine kick keeps you moving through the day.


There are plenty of local coffee shops or fast food places that will happily fill your reusable containers or mugs. If you come across a shop that has a problem with filling up your cup – it’s simple – steer clear.

As well, if you must use a single use coffee cup or beverage container (because lets face it, we all have those lazy or forgetful days) be mindful of the company you are purchasing it from. There are some places in the City of Toronto that have opted for plastic free containers or plastic free coffee cups.

Did you know: If you bring your reusable mug into Starbucks – you will receive 10 cents off your order – WIN!


There’s nothing better than sitting in your robe with a cup of fresh brewed coffee in the morning. Why not try to have your coffee in a ceramic mug before leaving home? This will ensure the caffeine kick keeps you going all day while you stay clear of coffee shops completely. This saving you money and a single use coffee cup.