On Sunday March 10th, myself and a group of my favourite ladies went to experience Hoame, in Toronto.

If you’re from Toronto and have never heard of Hoame – Hoame is the city’s one-stop destination for enhanced mind and body services. Hoame provides an aray of services such as a series of meditation classes within dark and light theme rooms. They also offer a salt cave, and an infrared sauna experience.

Upon arriving, we we’re greeted by Hoame’s lovely staff members. Almost immediately, you can feel their zen personalities, which immediately helps to zone you into the experience. After getting a quick tour of the space, putting our bags and shoes away in their lovely locker room – we we’re brought into the salt cave for a pre meditation experience.

Salt, specifically Himalayan pink crystal salt dates back centuries in treating several health conditions and aliments within the body. Cultures as old as ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome have used salt caves. This room is filled with over six tons of Himalayan pink crystal and can aid in reducing stress and anxiety, Cleanse the skin and respiratory system, as well as Strengthen Immune Function. Hoame also provides you with noise cancelling headsets to leave the city behind.

HOWEVER, when you put our family in the room – there is no shortage of quiet, ever to be found. This room was a nice way for all of us to catch up, rekindle friendships, and just relax.

After the salt cave and an amazing Charcoal Lemonade, that Hoame serves on tap – we we’re booked in for a 30 minute guided meditation. We had the option of rooms. Hoame has both a dark room for meditation and a beautiful light room. We opted for the dark room and away we went.

The meditation was absolutely wonderful. If you aren’t into meditation or you are a beginner to your practice, I would highly recommend checking out one of these classes. Personally, I find it easier to get into a habit or routine by attending classes with like-minded individuals who can push you towards the goals you are trying to achieve. Whether that be to help you focus more on a day to day or just to have some mental clarity. At the end of the class, the instructor provided some hot lemongrass towels and a little wellness shot to spike your blood sugar. This was an amazing touch to end a beautiful practice.

After the practice, our group hung out in their amazing lounge area and relaxed with some complimentary beverages. Hoame offers a range of free beverages, which included: Charcoal lemonade, flat and sparkling water, and a loose leaf tea that is to die for.

I want to thank everyone at Hoame for being incredibly amazing while we we’re there on a journey of reconnection and even a little bit of self discovery for some. It’s always nice to reconnect with family and friends especially when it seems like life is catching up and you just can’t connect. This experience turned from just a simple birthday gift for my mom into so much more and I’d like to thank the Hoame staff, for providing an experience that we will never forget.


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