Six Ways to Self Care

Put on a Face Mask

When it comes to anyone’s pamper routine, who doesn’t love a good facial? So, why not try an at-home face mask to add to a beautiful self-care routine. Face masks have been around for decades and decades and can aid a wide variety of skin care concerns. Whether you want to feel refreshed, moisturized, toned, or free from dirt and oils – the sky is the limit.

However, be on the look out for the ingredients that make up your favourite face masks. We live in a world where most ingredients in beauty products are hard to pronounce and frankly are unrecognizable. Look for products with natural and limited ingredients, items that are easily distinguished and trusted eco-friendly brands on the market.

Create a Cozy Space

In a world of constant chaos, there is nothing better than having a cozy space where you can feel at home, safe, and self-aware of your inner peace. Whether that space be at home, at a yoga studio, or simply under your favourite tree in your backyard – you do you, boo. A simple tip is to keep items in your spaces that make you feel at home. Use your favourite colour palette to create a space that is uniquely you.


Meditation is an approach to training the mind, similar to working out and training the body. However, the mind can wonder and life can get away from us sometimes. Meditation is an amazing tool to bring you back to your thoughts. We’ve trained our brains to move at a mile and minute pace and sometimes forget how important it is, to focus on stillness or to bring our brain back to an “empty-thought”. Meditation can help you achieve dramatic results in your mental and physical state of mind. There are a variety of applications to download or you can check out a variety of classes in your city. Here are a few places in Toronto to help you get started.


When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with your brain to trigger a positive feeling in the body. If you are having an off or sluggish day – working out can put you back on track. Try going for a walk, completing your favourite at home workout or attend a yoga class.

Unplug and Reset

Living in a world where social media rules all, scrolling through your Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest profile has become a way to fill time while trying to complete daily life tasks. It has become the norm to scroll through your Instagram feed while sitting on the bus or keep up with the latest gossip on your favourite Facebook pages. A digital detox is a great item to add to your self care routine. Isolating yourself from a fake reality and entering becoming present in every day tasks which have become maybe an annoyance. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet a new person at the bus stop, learn about a new restaurant while you walk down the street, or learn a new card game while your stuck at your grandmothers on a Sunday afternoon.

Grab your Favourite Snack

Food has forever been a staple when creating a nostalgic environment for any situation. Everyone has that food item that makes them feel safe or comforted. If you’re feeling a little low, try eating your favourite snack. A good tip is to be present when eating the foods you love. Put down your phone, store away the remote, and eat with purpose. Enjoy every single bite, you deserve it!

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